Specialist Cleaning

Unsanitary Residence Cleaning

Is the cleaning too bad for you to tackle or you don’t know where to start? Then Sparklebrite Ltd are the company you need to tackle unpleasant or time consuming jobs! Do you know of anyone living in bad or intolerable unsanitary conditions? Has a house been vacated for a number of years or left in a bad state? Has general cleaning declined due to various reasons and left your home or a friend or neighbour living in unhygenic conditions?

We can help with our confidential and sympathetic service, so please give us a call.

Service includes:

  • Intensive cleaning of all areas
  • Rubbish removal from homes during the cleaning process
  • Cleaning the properties and homes of hoarders and people with an illness
  • Odour remediation

House Keeper

We can supply a ‘Lady Friday’ to help with your home chores:

  • General house cleaning
  • Washing and ironing
  • Bed making
  • Shopping
  • Arranging and preparing a cooked meal

Please Contact Us to Ask About These Services

Computer Keyboard and Screen Cleaning
Does your business have 5 or more computers? Please ring for a comprehensive quote.

Office Bin Cleaning
Are your bins grubby, smelly or just over used? Please give us a call if your office bins need sansatising.

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